San Rafael Valley, AZ ~~ Photo by Bill Haas

Monday, May 4, 2009


WIRES...the bane of a photographer's existence!
Sunset in Natchez
KUDZU...AAK!  The vine that ate the south, is said to grow a foot per day.  It can devour blights on the landscape in just a few months.  I personally think the government should establish a secret "KUDZU PROJECT" somewhere in Georgia or Alabama and find a way to convert it to a biofuel!

Who knows what's under there!!

Step on the crack and break your mother's back.  OR, invite an ant invasion.  (Simple minds, simple pleasures!)

Since he's losing his winter coat all over everything, Sambo had a pedicure and a "maneicure" today.  This is what was removed just in today's brushing.  More coming off tomorrow.
I remember paying big bucks for some gallon cans to plant along a suburban fence. Honeysuckle is wild and rampant down south, but not nearly as invasive as kudzu.
Gee's Bend Ferry:  tenders and dock art.

Rusty stuff reminds me of how easy my life has been compared to what a hardscrabble existence previous generations endured.  And how fortunate I am.  Photos of the farm equipment were taken at Hopson Plantation, MS

GROUPIES...except that this guy, sitting at the bar at Ground Zero Blues Club while a very loud band played on and a cheering crowd roared, never once let his eyes wander from that glowing blue screen.  Takes all kinds.  Yup!

If it wasn't for the sun, you might think this was a California wildfire.  Naaa -- just a lovely Alabama sunset.