San Rafael Valley, AZ ~~ Photo by Bill Haas

Friday, November 20, 2009


The fellow in the red shirt is a regular at Cafe des Amis' Saturday Zydeco Breakfast in Breaux Bridge, Louisiana where the music is loud, the cafe is jam-packed from 7:3o in the morning, the band plays until 11:30, the dance floor is any opening between tables, and patrons patiently waiting for a breakfast table either line up at the bar or spill onto the sidewalk outside.
I just named him "Tyler, the Turbo-Footed Dancing Fool," and the name stuck!!!! I've never seen him sit out a number. He's high energy and skilled and attends the breakfasts without a partner, picking different ones from the crowd -- usually one who is equally dynamic and can match or outmatch his moves
This particular young woman (I just named her "Regina, the Exuberant Zydeco Dynamo," and the name stuck!) arrived with some other dude, not nearly as accomplished or high-octane as Tyler the Turbo-Footed Dancing Fool. She is obviously enjoying the change of partners.
I love watching Tyler. I wish you could hear the music and watch him move on the tiny dance floor. These photos are blurred because my camera just isn't fast enough to stop the action. Maybe if you press the down arrow really fast, you'll get some idea of the energetic moves and maneuvers of these two!
The yellow thing dangling from his belt is a towel. The sweat pours off his brow, and he cleans up nicely between dances! His white tennies are always spotless.
Well look what I just found while looking for some background music...the real deal, videographed in April this year. Why I think it could be Regina too. YES! Look at the torn's Tyler and Regina together again -- what a pair. It appears they have other admirers besides me!

OK, I just learned their real names are Lorrae Lantier and Clifton Leon. To me though, they'll always be Tyler and Regina!