San Rafael Valley, AZ ~~ Photo by Bill Haas

Tuesday, January 17, 2012


Enumclaw, WA honey bees
Fort Bragg, CA bumbles
Fort Bragg, CA honey bees
So laden with sweet nectar he can barely fly!
Diggin' in..."I know there's some left in there"!
E.B White's "Song of the Queen Bee" is my absolute FAVORITE poem of all time! Scoffing at mankind, one of the queen's refrains is "...[man] thinks he's advancing as long as he's changing..."  So true!
Most fun when read aloud.  Enjoy!
Never fail to delight
Coarsegold, CA Goldfinches
 Coarsegold, CA Bluebirds of happiness clean up well in my backyard birdbath!
 Coarsegold, CA little red House Finches.  Clicking to enlarge this one, lets you better see the Finch on the right in flight, coming in fast, not to miss his very own primo spot at the banquet "table"!
Coarsegold, CA Blue Jay with an uppity attitude!
An enlargement of this zaftig little sentry was one of eight chosen by members to grace Park Sierra's Clubhouse walls.  His favorite lookout is right outside the front of my rig, where his charges feast on leftover nyjer (thistle) seeds scattered on the ground by rowdy Goldfinches. 
 His name is Stanley.  Don't you think that's just a perfect moniker for him?