San Rafael Valley, AZ ~~ Photo by Bill Haas

Thursday, June 10, 2010

JULIE GONZALEZ TROTT: 6/1948 - 6/2010

Dear dear Julie, our talented baby cousin, you were an imp as soon as you emerged from the womb! And then you kept us smiling and on our toes with your lively, pointed political zingers and in-your-face pragmatism -- your own sassy woman, and definitely your mother's daughter!
In 1951 with big sister Carlotita and Court, one of your big brothers -- always a ham.
Daddy's girl -- at the Coconut Grove, 1964

High School graduation from Marymount, Los Angeles, 1966.
Jim, another loved one taken suddenly and far too soon -- with Jesse and Courtney, on her first Christmas.
In 2003 with an all-grown-up Jesse...
and Courtney (no date on this one). Thank you for becoming "this" generation's historian and preserving and sharing "old" family photos.
Your life ended much too soon. I will miss my little spit-fire cousin SO VERY MUCH! And I can almost hear you say, "Such is life"!!
So many sweet memories of you will comfort us dear Julie (in 2007), and your light will burn brightly as you continue to live in our hearts.