San Rafael Valley, AZ ~~ Photo by Bill Haas

Sunday, April 25, 2010


...main attraction is its Mission. The restored buildings and museum around the plaza are a California Historic Park, maintained by the park service; the Mission is maintained by the Catholic Church of course!
This reminded me of that Fourth Grade riddle: Why did the chickens cross the road (while traffic stopped!)?
To see if that guy over there had any food? Nope. No dice. Wrong answer. That's a camera, not food. What a fool!
Mission trivia: It sits on the San Andreas Fault. It has served mass daily since 1797. It was used in the filming of Alfred Hitchcock's "Vertigo." Remember the bell tower and staircase scenes? The bell tower was actually constructed just for the movie on a studio lot.
This grandfather Pepper Tree has survived earthquakes and fire. I love it, warts and all.