San Rafael Valley, AZ ~~ Photo by Bill Haas

Friday, July 30, 2010


My second cousin, Sara Gonzalez is getting married. Matt Scott is the lucky guy!
The Bride

The Groom
The Grandmother of the Bride
Suzanne, the Mother of the Bride
Court, the Father of the Bride
Cousin Jesse and Mother of the Bride
The Bride again --
can't have too many pix of the Bride!
Boris (may he rest in peace)

Sara and Matt met at the Ion Theatre in San Diego, California. No, they are not ushers. They are actors in a unique, "bold, uncompromising theater" group.

The group is so "uncompromising," that, a mere two years after establishing an experimental home base called "The Lab," it DE-installed the "Lab" when the company learned that the property's owners were the largest in-state supporters for the passage of Proposition 8. Committed to its mission of inclusiveness and diversity, the landlord's support of Proposition 8 became a major obstacle for the company. You can definitely say that ION talks the talk and walks the walk. Hooray for ION!

(If you're not a Californian, or if you are not familiar with Proposition 8, you'll find some excellent background here:)

And a discussion of the subsequent lawsuit filed in Federal District Court, here:

But I is the link to ION THEATRE. Should you wish to explore the site, may I suggest you start by clicking on "COMPANY" on the top menu bar, then scroll through the "COMPANY 1..." options at the bottom. BEHOLD! In the first view, there's Sara and Matt sitting on the stairs, bottom right. A handsome couple indeed.

Also at the top of the menu bar, click on "ON STAGE" to learn about Ion's productions, (ESPECIALLY THE ONE DIRECTED BY SARA!), then at the bottom of the page, find "Back of the Throat," to watch Sara's synopsis of the play she directed and how, in the present climate, it is a highly affecting post 9-11 allegory.
Dear Sara and Matt, I wish you a fulfilling life together, brimming with joy and adventure, and, as you grow old together, with happy surprises and challenges within reach. Oh be still my heart!!