San Rafael Valley, AZ ~~ Photo by Bill Haas

Saturday, September 11, 2010


...We're helping him celebrate his 60th Birthday.
It was billed as a "Larry Fest." And fest we did!
Thank the goddess he's not too old to be silly AND still be a Sexy Sixty!
His friends will make sure he STAYS silly on special occasions! He's wearing his new "thinking beanie."
Larry has a loving fan club. But it beats the hell out of me why they were singing "Oklahoma"!! (That's Loni on the left, wife Renee in the center and Hostess with the Mostest, Barbara, on the right.)
It looks like he might be describing what's for breakfast tomorrow.
Homemade can't be beat, and nobody does it better than our inimitable hostess.
The morning after -- no, not a pink elephant...
...We were treated to an exotic breakfast that included a scrambled egg. One egg. One ostrich egg -- the equivalent of two dozen large chicken eggs!
Tools were assembled for cracking this baby.
Barbara recites step-by-step instructions for mining the egg's precious contents; Larry dons his miner's lamp, marks the strike point...
...inserts the stir stick to loosen the contents, and...

A Deep Horizon Ostrich Blowout!
Such a sweet young thang. You just keep on celebratin' buddy! We love ya!