San Rafael Valley, AZ ~~ Photo by Bill Haas

Thursday, November 19, 2009


What has 5023 eggs, 50 pounds of green onions, 75 bell peppers, 4 gallons of onion tops, 2 gallons of parsley, 1.5 gallons cooking oil, 6.5 gallons of milk, 54 pounds of butter, 3 boxes of salt, 2 boxes of pepper, crawfish tail meat, Tabasco to taste?

Give up?
The Giant Omelet in Abeville, Louisiana. Only by the time the cooks are through with it, IT'S A GIANT SCRAMBLE!
In 1984, three Abbeville citizens attended the Easter Omelette Festival in Bessieres, France and were knighted the first of Abbeville's Chevaliers (cooks). They returned home determined to bring Abbeville closer to its French heritage by hosting an omelette festival of its own, joining the sisterhood of cities that celebrate the omelette annually the world over.
So, since 1984, the Abbeville Giant Omelette Festival is celebrated in the City's historic downtown over the first weekend in November and includes music, crafts, food, an art show, an antique car show, lots of congenial friendship and plenty of other activities to make this an unforgettable annual event.
The parade of Chevaliers includes a priest to bless the eggs. What would a Giant Omelette be if it wasn't blessed first? Oh ICK! Can you find the priest?
We're having fun NOW!
Oh yeah! A little skin doesn't hurt!
The band plays while 5,023 eggs are cracked, and if there's music, the citizens of Abbeville dance.
Not certain what this woman's gesture is trying to say. For some reason, I don't think it bodes well for what's ahead!
Paddles at the ready. No, they aren't for spanking giants!!
Cracked eggs go into 5-gallon buckets, milk and seasonings are added, then the muck is mixed with a unique blending tool. (Looks more like an Iranian torture device to me!)
Does this look like 5,023 egg shells to you? I think the band is looking at playing a few more sets.
Bringing on the skillet -- this was the really exciting part. I held my breath.
Aiming and setting it over the fire, just so. I bet that guy spends a lot of time practicing maneuvers at home with a joy stick!
As the skillet warms, begin prepping it with a little oil...
Then a lot of butter...
Hey bud, pay attention! Move that paddle! Stop with the gawking at the girls already! You're too old anyway.
The fire tender has the most exacting job. Hot too!
Is it ready for the "stuffing" yet?
OK, add the onions and saute...
Add the bell pepper...
Saute some more, and give it a little body English...
Add the mud bugs...saute some more...Aaahhhh, 'bout time!
Add the pre-blessed eggs!
Snag that Tabasco Girls dance troupe and add a little spice. Don't know about you, but I think eggs are boring without spice!
And continue mixing gently.
Bring back that lean, mean forklift driver and get this puppy off the fire.
Continue to scramble. Oops! I mean omelette. (Is that a verb? Well, it is now!)
Set up the serving bowls...
Chevalier assistants serve up this wonderful "Omelette of Friendship" with a slice of Poupart's French Bread. Voila!
Serve until the skillet is empty!
C'est Bon!
Return to the craft booths...
And if you don't like your eggs scrambled, you can always get a bag of freshly roasted peanuts!