San Rafael Valley, AZ ~~ Photo by Bill Haas

Wednesday, April 28, 2010


...and a few quirky Californians. On a glorious spring day, my son dragged me "kicking and screaming" to a craft fair in historic San Juan Bautista. I drove; he bought me toys and craft-fair-junque-food!
Cameron has never passed a dog he didn't like. Imagine me scolding him when he did this as a toddler. As you can one, out the other!
Maybe it's a guy thing!
Chastity belts? In California?
Dogs on leashes, OK fine.
Leashes on children? Barbaric!
Who you lookin' at? Ain'tcha never saw a albino cha'wa b'fore?

It seemed like I had seen many of these booths before -- at flea markets. This booth, however, displayed a delightful array of colorful and imaginative "gifts": Diaper cakes, bubble gum, money and candy leis, boo boo bunnies (terry cloth wash cloths shaped like bunnies that hold ice cubes to "cure" toddler boo-boos), baby shower wreaths, gift baskets of all sizes for lots of different occasions, little flower barrettes, and of course, princess head bands, bows and flower girl streamers.
This Harley basket was hubby's idea...
...yeah, this hairy guy with the tats! Hey! At least he was on board to help the artist and chat up and amuse little old ladies with cameras!
Groovin' to "La Bamba"
Mango on a stick...SOOOO much better for him than cotton candy!
Will it hurt?
Dip the hat in a tub of ice water...
A cool head seconds later...a dripping cool head!
Toothy bulldogs seem to be a popular tattoo.
Oh BABY!!!!!
Only LOOKS like it was painted on velvet!
This woman was wrangling two huge Dobermans; she's a groomer. Dog groomer.
Cousins -- dressed for trouble!!
Melted wine bottles enjoying a second life as cheese and antipasto trays.
Do any of you remember pea shooters? Well, these are mini marshmallow shooters. I bought the last green one! Next time you see me, ask me to show you my shooter!

Not just for little girls. I saw a dog wearing a pair of these.
Festive decorations on her walker are changed with the seasons.
I'm 80 years old and still riding my chopper...
...and I AM smiling!

This is definitely the "in" style of the day.
These were very cool. I bought a lot of them. I mean, CAMERON bought a lot of them for me!
I'll show you my splats if you're nice. Cameron bought three of them. Very fun. And great stress relievers!