San Rafael Valley, AZ ~~ Photo by Bill Haas

Friday, June 17, 2011


Here it Comes!
There it Goes!
When you see a fire engine, they are mostly seen whizzing right on by as you slow down and pull over to the curb -- to the rescue, right?  It's a rare occasion, for me anyway, to see the insides of one up close and personal.  More dials and gauges than on the dashboard of my Lazy Daze, f'sure!  And spotless, shiny and mirror bright.
When you think of a fireman doing his/her "job," maybe what you visualize is someone in  knee-high galoshes and a rubber suit, hose in hand, spraying water on something burning.
This engine was called to the scene of a drifting dock, stacked to the rafters with rentable kayaks, that had lost its mooring and knocked into other boats in a Morro Bay marina as the tsunami roared in, not like a lion. 
Maybe this wasn't a call to a life-threatening situation, but just imagine the skill, training and mastery involved in manipulating those gauges, operating those dials, and engineering a dock rescue!  These guys deserve pay raises, not cuts.