San Rafael Valley, AZ ~~ Photo by Bill Haas

Thursday, February 9, 2012


This is the first in a series of photographs taken before I started blogging and right after I started using my first digital camera.
First Stop:  Playa Coyote (a little south of Muleje):

These are Mobula Rays (or Devil Rays or flapjacks or little black kites!).  These rays are  breathtaking to watch when dozens of them at a time fling themselves out of the water to flip and flop and splash then settle down again.

There are differing opinions for this behavior, but some romantic locals believe it's part of a mating ritual.  This pair glided right past me, in calf-deep water, not a care in the world, and slowly enough for me to capture them "on film"!
No self respecting Baja beach would be without its share of Pelicans.  Watching them dive for food was the daily entertainment.  And this one was a little more colorful than the California Brown Pelicans I'm used to seeing.  Note the mohawk styling!
Still ensconced at Playa Coyote, one Springy night the beach community was treated to a lovely eclipse of the moon.

The shy creature down in the hole has no idea what remarkable, abstract beach art it has created.  A monochrome Jackson Pollock wannabe!

In spite of the smooth skin, those prickly spines don't invite touching!

This is one of several marvelous geologic formations imaginative guides like to show off during visits to Isla Espiritu Santo, off the coast of La Paz.  Pretty scary, eh?
Todos Santos Big Foot Pepper Tree
Although way off the beaten track, Bajia de los Suenos (Bay of Dreams), formerly a quiet,  hidden fishing village, has been discovered.   When we visited, however, the area was still quite rustic, and despite signs of construction for another Baja mega resort, no-frills, beachside parking was available.
Guerrero Negro, on Baja's West coast is one of two large Gray Whale nurseries.  Re-finding this photo, gave me goosebumps all over again.  What a thrill to see this mom nudge right up to our boat to catch a warm shower from the outboard motor's spray!
Scammon's Lagoon is also the location of Guerrero Negros's salt mines (visible on the horizon...

...and home to dozens of Osprey nests elevated on specially-built mounts along the roads throughout the town.  Look closely at this nest to see the junk this mother scarfed up to provide homey comforts for her little one.  OK, not so little!  Good mom bird!
Stay tuned for more Baja magical discoveries.