San Rafael Valley, AZ ~~ Photo by Bill Haas

Tuesday, April 13, 2010


...but you'll catch the peak-peak if you leave home RIGHT THIS VERY MINUTE!!
Baby Blue Eyes
Fun with Baby Blue Eyes
Pitcher Sage

Wood Violet
Chocolate Lilly
White Layia
White Layia, closer
Tidy Tips

Tidy Tips, closer
Hillside Daisy
Broadleaf Filaree (Stork's Bill), en masse
Broadleaf Filaree, closer
Blue Phaecilia (Wild Heliotrope) en masse
Blue Phaecelia, closer
Goldfields, en masse
Goldfileds, a small patch
Henderson's (Foothill) Shooting Star, en masse
Henderson's (Foothill) Shooting Star, closer
Bird's Eye Gilia
Menzies' Fiddleneck
Blue Witch (nightshade)
Indian Paintbrush
Bush (Sticky) Monkeyflower
California Dodder. There has been some confusion about its proper classification, but in most references this parasitic plant is included as a member of the Morning Glory family. I used to just call it "Witch's Hair" until I found it in a wildflower field guide; it actually bears tiny tiny flowers in the Summer!
Bush Poppy
Lindley's Silverpuff
Blue-Eyed Grass
Flowers were found in the following California locations: Figueroa Mtn. (Los Padres National Forest), Carrizo Plain National Monument and Shell Creek Road, Pinnacles National Monument, Jolon Road (Monterey County) and California Highways 41, 166, 58 and 25.