San Rafael Valley, AZ ~~ Photo by Bill Haas

Wednesday, December 28, 2011


12/18/47 - 12/24/11
You were a gift.
You brought joy to those around you.
And today, a Christmas gift for you dear Suzanne, "He opened for you, a bright eternity."
Love doesn't make the world go 'round.  Love is what makes the trip worthwhile.
Rest in peace dear cousin.

Saturday, December 17, 2011

Wednesday, December 7, 2011


After leaving Santa Barbara to attend college in a city far to the north,  Refugio was always a beach I returned to for surfing during vacations.  The water is refreshing, not cold, even during the Christmas holidays; and if you pack heat like I do, one does not need to wear a wetsuit in December!  Refugio is rarely crowded, only a tiny bit breezy; and its small, protected bay had perfect waves for a wimp.  (Yes, indeed, I was once a wimp!!)

Little wave-smoothed fragments of inner earth.

I found this fascinating creature, a Nudibranch, also known as a "Naked-Gill Sea Slug," at the high tide line, a long way from the safety of its normal tide pool habitat.  Simply put, they are snails without a shell.  They have no operculum, and their organs are exposed.  In this photo, its head tentacles are visible; its "eye" is that worm-like protrusion on the top of its head.

After I had provoked it by touching it repeatedly (tsk-tsk), this Nudibranch started to burrow its head in the sand and curl into a ball -- of sorts. Its body is really smooth and soft, but here it is sprinkled with sand and surrounded by sea foam.
And as it moved, it exposed its unique body parts.  Northern California Nudibranchs aren't nearly as dazzling as those found in other parts of the world, but this one sure had some distinctive body "designs."
Click and enlarge this shot to better see its very interesting patterns.  Its "skin," by the way feels like jello -- smooth, silky and squishy!  Kinda like a slug without the slime!  (Thank you Jane Farwell for helping me identify this little beauty.)
Gulls can be fickle sea birds.  At times they are obstreperous, invasive and a downright nuisance.  On other occasions when their "mood" eschews any human contact whatsoever, they will hit the sky if one approaches within 50 feet!  Gulls will be gulls, I guess!
And now in my sunset seventies, Refugio is a place to refresh spiritually, to rejuvenate and energize.  Strolling the beach, listening to the waves, breathing deeply of crisp ocean air, watching the sunset and photographing treasures the ocean coughs up is good enough.  MORE than "good enough" when  shared with special friends.

Thursday, November 17, 2011


CAROLE, behind her camera
LISA (and Tim O'Brien).  We had to make him an honorary (temporary) Ladeze man so he could guide us down the Rogue.  He said "thanks anyway" to the offer of lipstick!
WOODY (and the rest of the river rats reflected!)

You haven't lived until you've done 360's on the Rogue with WOODY at the helm!

CRYSTAL, our Figurehead and Pirate Spotter!
Back on Land...
CRYSTAL, left, with the latest Lazy Dazer, EMMA, Grandma LISA and EMMA'S Mom, JEN.  Absent from this Ladeze outing was sorely-missed GREAT Grandma, JANET.  This family now boasts four generations of RVing women -- all Lazy Dazers!
PAT won't leave home without her hot water "bottle."

DORIS, and MARY behind her.  (Doris won't leave home without her carbonator.)

CALICIA won't leave home without her surge protector

AUDREY won't leave home without her Swiss Army Knife...
Between her two-part presentation of "THE CHASSIS, THE ENGINE AND THE BOX: WHAT TO DO AND WHEN TO DO IT," JOAN never really stopped sharing her RVing expertise.
The only males allowed in the "clubhouse" are the canine variety...
Meet male canine extraordinaire, BLACKIE, and ...
PAT, his human
LAURELEE, we know it's you under there ... your badge was a dead give-away!
LAURELEE moderating "TOW or NO"
LINDA won't leave home without her special towing gloves!

Uppity Women in Training:  KATHY on the left, and the STURGIS SISTERS, ANNIE and MARY, who traveled cross country from Pennsylvania to join us in Oregon.   We were so glad you could join us!
NANCY tells us all that we need to know...
...and what to buy to "AMPLIFY CELL AND WIFI SIGNALS"
Good food, great company...
...and a reaaaallly UPPITY dessert of Ruby Port and Truffles served by JENNIFER G. and WOODY

Colorful characters
I could *swear* I told everyone it was "Silly HAT" night!!!

The wolf, disguised as Grandma LISA,
and LUCYBLEU entertaining EMMA
Ambassador CALICIA

The Lazy Daze LADEZE official Flying Monkey MASCOT.  (Do you think maybe an "intervention" might help?!)
AUDREY tutors us in how to "CAMP MORE and SPEND LESS"
CAROLE and LINDA share tips and treasures to fine tune an ALASKA travel experience.
CINDY, JENNIFER G. and WOODY planning their next geocaching adventure; (PAT in the background)

MARY, LUCY the wonder dawg, and ANNIE, her human
DORIS "prepping" the Champagne for our "Eat and Split Brunch"; JENNIFER and CRYSTAL get ready to chow down on JOAN'S homemade quick breads.
NANCY and AUDREY sharing last minute tips and info.
My rig BEFORE the 8th Annual Ladeze GTG.

My rig AFTER the 8th Annual Ladeze GTG
For me, these dynamic, enlightened women enrich my personal Lazy Daze LADEZE experience, this year held on the banks of the Rogue River, Oregon.  It has been a privilege to absorb their energy and imagination, and their enthusiastic participation is infectious. These women make it all worthwhile, and I am so very grateful for their  friendship and generous contributions.  Thank you.