San Rafael Valley, AZ ~~ Photo by Bill Haas

Wednesday, August 12, 2009


Along Highway 441 in the Georgia highlands, on my way to a winery, I was sidetracked by this remarkable roadside tourist attraction, one Im not likely to see again in this lifetime!
No one leaves without buying SOMEthing from one of two stores, a cafe, a peanut vendor, a "gold mining" sluice box, or spending $.25 a pop to deliver a goat's lunch pail!
Eat a little...
Scratch a little...
Check out another rooftop restaurant!
Pedal power delivers the lunch bucket.
But not fast enough...
What's taking so long?
'Bout time!
Eat a little...
Scratch a little...
Play a little...
Wonder if the service is any better over there...
But first, let's go mining for gold and "stuff" -- lots of neat "stuff," like rocks and things!
Just wondering: when will sugar join the ranks of nicotine? Could the cure for a kid's "hyperactivity" be to simply take candy off the shelves? Have you looked in the candy aisle of your neighborhood grocery lately? Amazing how they can package sugar in so many tempting colors, shapes and sizes. Not that I don't like my raspberry fudge once in a while mind you!
Maybe taxing that stuff into oblivion is the answer to financing Health Care Reform?!!
Almost bought some of this "sugar-in-a-jar" until I noticed it wasn't REALLY made from Kudzu. Yes, I did just fall off the turnip truck!!

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