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Thursday, August 23, 2012


Well, actually nothing is wrong with the picture, in that it depicts Todd Akin's true beliefs no matter how he twists and turns in the wind about words and semantics!  

The thing that's actually morally "wrong" with it is that the hypocritical Grand Old Party is using Mr. Akin as a scapegoat.  Why all the uproar when Atkin is just echoing the party line? The R&R's have similar views; they just don't want you to know it!  

The record is well documented, for example, that Mr. Ryan co-sponsored a bill with Mr. Akin to redefine rape in order to distinguish "forcible rape"  (and what, "invited rape" maybe?) so that federal funding on abortions for rape victims would be limited.   In addition, Mr. Ryan supported a bill that allowed anti abortion hospitals to refuse emergency abortions.

You can run, and attempt to label these critical women's issues as "distractions," and you can refuse to answer whether you believe rape victims need to be protected, but you can't hide, Mr. Ryan.  You and Todd Atkin are joined at the hip.

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DiAnne said...

Hi Lorna,
Have you read this letter by Eve Ensler? Pretty right-on! All is good here at the SKP joint.